Lesson for this month – you never know where a path is leading when you start down it.

When I first embarked on my blogging adventure I thought it was about expressing myself and possibly, although very remotely, creating some income.  Little did I know it was actually about learning some new skills so that I could help some people out.


In starting my own blogs I went through and learned the ins and outs of writing a blog post – not that I’m expert at it.  How to tag posts.  How doing certain things might yield higher results in the search engine rankings.  How to work the backend of WordPress to get things to look how I wanted them.  How to use social media to get the word out.  How to do all this stuff that I’m doing right this moment.

Mind you I’m no extreme techie.  I can look at code and not mentally seize up, although no bets I can do anything with the code.  I almost always use the visual editor here.  I think once I had a picture problem and actually fixed it in the html editor.  That was a personal triumph for me.

Back to the point.  Today I set up a blog for a friend to help get traffic to her eCommerce site and hopefully get more orders for her.  Her shop is her main source of income and although she manages to get around online pretty well, she appears to be at her limit for new technology stuff.  It happens.

At this point my blogs aren’t exactly resounding successes.  I have a few followers.  When I post – it seems to be less and less frequently through the summer – people do read what I write.  A few will even leave comments that I am so grateful for.  I have no aspirations of being Freshly Pressed or, well any critical acclaim.


I got a huge ‘Thank You’ and an even bigger warmfuzzyfeeling for being able to do something for someone that will help them on their way.  Both way, way better than any other recognition I could possibly receive for what I’ve written.

All through what I have learned blogging.