I realized today I have room for personal growth.  Somedays my ego doesn’t really allow room for that possibility, but today somehow it occurred to me that it could happen.  As much as this may come as a shock to those of you who are in awe of my near Mary Poppins-esque perfection.  Maybe it is the Vanilla Vodka combined with OJ (delish by the way) kicking my ass and I’m just delusional…

Anyhow, I’ve been reflecting on a lunch meeting from, well lunchtime, today.  A meeting that took about a half an hour longer than needed. Clocking in at and hour and half the meeting was definitely an hour longer than it should have been.  Once all was said and done I think the whole point of of it was just to have a meeting to be able to say we had a meeting.

What I have realized is that if a topic takes more than ten minutes to work through the decision making process, I’m done.

Flowchart of Rational Planning and Decision Ma...

Flowchart of Rational Planning and Decision Making Process (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really don’t remember much of what was talked about.  Other people are working on their pieces of the project.  I’m in limbo until I get the go ahead for my piece of the puzzle.  When I started a dialogue about the stumbling point to get the go ahead for my piece of the puzzle, is where I really figured out that I’m a perpetual five year old.

It went something like this…

“So, I just need the go ahead on the name and I can get the web site started,” was my simple request.

That spawned an extra fifteen minute conversation.  In which all the names that had been getting tossed around before were suddenly not good enough.  Which wouldn’t be a problem if the new suggestions were worth a damn.  Or available.   Then there was a side conversation on something completely unrelated – other than it was about another website and a link…  I was in need of logic and flow, a la the flowchart above.  BTW – it is probably necessary to click on that baby to get a non-blurry version.  Go ahead, you know you want to.  I’ll wait here.

And we finally got back on topic after I got home and shot an e-mail out to everyone.  Outlining the why’s and wherefore’s and the possible options open to us.  You know, what we are trying to accomplish, what options we have, what the criteria are for choosing.  I outlined these all in a not completely short e-mail because it seemed not everyone was on the same page, and I want to be able to move along?

It is a group project and I don’t want it to bounce back on me that I picked the name or some such.  Or got heavy handed.  Or wasn’t a team player.

After the e-mail I got one definitive, yes let’s go for option C (although option B would be ok too).  Another was wishy-washy option B or C, but won’t object to anything that sucks or doesn’t (options A-Z, other than those already covered).  Waiting on one other person to give feedback.

When it’s all said and done, I think it will be either the first or second of the choices we have been talking about for this since January.  Hmmm.  Tell me again why group projects are necessary?

So, in addition to working on my attention span.  And maybe not being completely ego-centric.  I get to work on patience too.  Possibly people skills need to move up my list.  Nah.  Where’s that vodka gone to anyhow…