Does anyone else have a hierarchy when it comes to the order in which you will eat Animal Cookies?


Oops (Photo credit: gibsonsgolfer)

Each handful I pull out – wait, I’m not supposed to eat them by the handful?  Well, that could be part of the problem then.

Back to the issue at hand, ahem.  Each bunch that I grab out of the box of KinniKritters Animal Cookies must be inspected for damage.  The damaged (lame, broken, pieces) ones are consumed first.  Then the whole cookies must be sorted by priority.  Camels are eaten first.  Then buffalo.  Next is elephants.  Don’t ask me why – it just is how it is.

Then the pigs.  After that it’s the goats.  For a while I thought the goats were rams and ate them last.  Then I looked at them closely and realized I had been tricked into prolonging their goatly cookie lives.  No longer.

The final cookies to be eaten are the horses.  Of course.  How could it be any other way?

If I did this to the whole box at one time, then I would believe I had a serious problem.  This is just a quirk.