Some days, I really wonder about the senders of junk e-mail.  No.  Not some days, all days.  It just happens some days I give it more thought than others.  Today.  Right now for example.

I mean I love the Dear Sir/Madam generic pleas for aid.  You know the one’s where they need my help to launder the money their rich Father/Prince/Husband left them. Because if they are too scared to touch that imaginary money, I certainly want to stick my neck out for that pretend currency.  Leave me be and let me get back to playing Monopoly, where I can feel my funny money crinkle in my hands.

The foreign lotto e-mails are fun too. They give me that momentary jolt of “I won, I won”… I jump up and down in my chair for a quarter of a nano-second.  Not so much.  Oh, that’s right this is for all those lotteries in other countries I never entered when I never went there.  Who would have thought my chances for winning would be that high?

The one that’s just amusing as all get to me right now is one I keep getting from BeachBitch27 with a subject of I Found You.  And I should care about that why?  Another good one is Julie with a subject of Where were you?… now that one did get me to click it open.  For some reason I failed to click on any links though.  It wasn’t the Julie I was thinking of, or any of the other three I know and communicate with occasionally.  HottieGirl19 subject Chat With Me… hmmmm, no.  Any girl who refers to herself as a ‘Hottie’ is unlikely to be in any conversation I find interesting.  Yeah, I’m being snarky, so what.

These are all from yesterday and today.  Granted I do have five different e-mail addresses that I monitor regularly.  These examples are from just two of them though.

What are your current favorite junk e-mails?