All right, I’ll bite.  Everyone else  is writing about the holiday this weekend.  As it happens it is my favorite holiday.  I’ll even tell you why…

For starters, the candy.  All kinds of chocolate.  Wrapped up in pretty pastel pinks and blues.  Chocolate bunnies.  Plastic eggs filled with jelly beans.  Oh, yeah it’s all good for at least ten pounds extra.

Next are the Peeps.  I know they are candy.  Really, though they get their own separate mention here.  Because, I say they deserve it.  The fact that they are better when they are stale.  You can have Peeps wars or Peeps jousting.  I saw an awesome picture of a Peeps show, one little Peeps bunny was pole dancing while another was shaking her booty.  Plus now they come in sooooo many pretty colors.  It’s not just yellow Peeps anymore.  They got pink and blue and even purple now.  Peeps are just awesome.  Yes they have them for other holidays now too, but the Easter Peeps are the originals.

My third reason is that once my birthday fell on Easter.  I was very young, like two or maybe three.  I just knew that not everybody got to have their birthday on a holiday.  So, it was just proof to me that I was more specialer than any body else.  Plus my mom made me a cake that looked like a bunny with coconut fur and everything.  Oh, and there were more jelly beans.

Finally my last reason why Easter is my favorite holiday.  It wins the best appropriation of a pagan celebration by Christianity award.  Halloween is fun and all, but it isn’t fully embraced.  Christmas makes a good run at being the best, but it just falls short for me.  I mean there’s some parallels with looking for the light and such that actually tie in pretty well with Winter Solstice.  Easter though.  We’re talking about taking the celebrations of fertility and prayers to the gods for good crops replete with bunnies and eggs for symbology.  Yes I know the word I’m looking for there is symbolism, but I just watched “Boon Dock Saints” so deal with it.  Anyhow, we take that stuff mix it with the ultimate sacrifice, coming back from the dead (Zombies anyone?) put a big fluffy bunny in the basket with it and call it a Christian holiday.  Awesome.  My thought is that if the powers that were way back when this stuff was getting figured out were going to make that many hops leaps to tie the old pagan celebration with this new stuff, then it must be worth paying attention to.  Ok, I can stretch a bit and see the similarity between the earth coming back to life after Winter… but, I still can’t fit the bunnies and eggs and ducks with The Resurrection.  So, Easter wins the award.

Plus, I just like Spring.

There you go folks, my reasons for why Easter is the best holiday.

Ooooh,  I almost forgot.  Egg hunt at my place this weekend.
Really, my hens haven’t been laying in their usual nesting box.  There is an old biddy banty that’s gone broody and doesn’t seem to be letting the other hens lay there.  Today I only found one egg.  That means the others are somewhere.  I would like to find them before they smell really bad.  I know, not near as much fun as the plastic eggs with jelly beans in them…