My muse that is… she seems to have slipped out when I wasn’t paying attention.

For whatever reason so far this week writing has been… hmmm, struggle is not the word I’m looking for.  It’s just been sort of meh, bleh, *sigh*.  Ok, *heavy sigh*.  It’s only Tuesday too.  Last night I stared at the computer for an hour before I just walked away. Not reading, not writing, just there with blank space.

Yesterday I barely got my post in to Horse Nation to meet the deadline we have established.  There are parts of the article I’m pleased with, other parts just felt foggy.

Today’s post to just another day out west had a similar foggy feel.  Like I couldn’t quite figure out what I was trying to say.

This evening in perusing other corners of the blogdom, I came across several very well written blogs.  They were almost taunting me in a way.  The authors had managed to say things I want to convey in clear, succinct ways.  It bruised my poor fragile ego.  No, not really any bruising.  Just has me viewing things from another perspective.  That’s what I’m going to say at least, since I don’t want to come off as whiny.

Can I have some cheese to go with my whine?

What to do?  Push on, I guess.  I have never have claimed to be an accomplished writer.  It seems I need to view this as a challenge to improve my skills.

Those other blogs had the distinct feeling that they were better, they had beaten me.

How could I let them do that?!  What me, competitive?  You think maybe I am?  Why yes, I am an Aries.  Mustn’t let them be better than me.  My job is to Win!  Damnit!

Oh yes, challenge accepted!

Also, I should probably leave out an offering for my Muse.  I think she likes chocolate.  And red wine.