Maybe March is going to go out like a lamb after all…

Today I could go from being to cold to sweating to just right and back to sweating all in the span of ten minutes or less, doing the same thing and not changing anything about my attire.  Sun, clouds, breeze – mix them like on the wheels of a slot machine, keep pulling that handle like your life depends on beating the one armed bandit… that was what the weather was doing here.  Ever shifting and changing – constantly mixing it up.  Really it’s not a bad deal, it’s actually starting to smell like Spring.  I think the desert is waking up from her winter nap.  Now let’s see if she hit’s the snooze button or not.  Someone told me it’s supposed to snow next week.

I realized today that if I was Native American my dog would have to have the Indian name of Rocks In Head.  Which while it’s probably better than Shit For Brains, it means he’s a knuckle head.  He also will retrieve rocks and play with them like some dogs play with a tennis ball.  He’s either not so bright or pretty tough.  I’m leaning towards all of the above, after all he’s a cattle dog.

The bay colt seems to have an infection from getting gelded last week.  He’s now on antibiotics.  The poor thing, he doesn’t feel so good.  I pulled him into the stall that adjoins the pasture he’s in to give him grain with his meds in it.  The other two yearlings were banging and clanging at the gate to get in.  At first I thought it was because they didn’t want to be separated from him.  After a while I realized it was because they were jealous and they wanted the grain.  What stinkers.  I think tomorrow I’m just mixing the meds with water in a syringe to give to him by mouth.

This morning I got to play secretary to the guy.  I got to get a QuitClaim Deed organized to buy the five acres adjacent to this place, since we’ve been using it for a while it will be nice to actually own it.  I also educated myself on writing a legal description for a parcel of land.

All that and I rode a couple of horses today.  I even rode them outside of my arena.  Yep, like almost on a trail ride.  Well, I didn’t get that carried away.  It was trying to be intermittently windy so we just moseyed around the driveway.  Mostly moseyed… Ki was trying to add some speed.  Sierra couldn’t keep her eyeballs in her skull, so many things to look at.  I am determined to get both of these horses to my definition of broke.  Yeah, they’re broke now – you can ride them.  But, they are not at the point where they will go anywhere, do whatever, with soft cues and no arguing broke.  I mean broke broke.  To the point where I can put any old idiot on them and the horses will just go along and where I can let someone who knows something ride them and they’ll have fun.  All it takes to get them to that point is lots of time and wet saddle blankets.  It’s kind of the same as getting your hair clean… lather rinse repeat.